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Badge Drop #11: Room for More

by SaraP

Don’t tell us. We already know. You can see the end of summer approaching quicker than a SCHOOL bus (or a regular bus) when you’ve made one too many GOOFS and you’re late to the stop. Been there, done that. Well, buses aside, you better FLY like the wind if you want to make a FINAL trip to your local Summer Game Stop, CROSS off all those WORDS, or go on one last code-hunting BONANZA. That’s because SG Headquarters will go POOF and turn back into a regular old set of cubicles when the clock strikes 11:59pm on the last day of the Game in 9 days!!! For real though, the last day to play the 2023 Game is Sunday, August 27, but (just between SG friends) SG Headquarters will remain as magical as ever, because we’re always prepping for the next one!! And you know EATS ALL GOOD, when we go out with a SUPER SONIC bang at the GAME OVER GALA on that last day, so don't miss it! Plus, you’ll still be able to spend points on those not-at-all-secret TREASURES in the Summer Game Shop through Monday, September 4th!

The POWER of the badge drop is calling and we hear the masses screaming into their devices: “DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING—not yet!!!”. Fear NOT, dear players, the NIGHT is still young. In fact it’s so young that it’s still only noon on a badge-drop Friday!!! And until the school bus gets here, THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM FOR . . . more badges (and JELL-O). So here you go (at least about the badges)!!!


Book BonanzaNight FlierThere's Always Room For Jell-OEats All GoodKids Crossword #11Chicken Goes to School 11Floofs & GoofsFly's the LimitSuper Sonic Final FantasyDON'T LEAVE ME HANGINGBaguette Me NotSecret TreasuresTURTLE POWERCrossword 11Super Search Eleven!


As always, THANKS for PLAYING!!!


This loverly summer game isn't *quite* over yet—but close! Badge drop this Friday will contain a badge you can earn by attending the Game Over Gala on Sunday (it'll be super fun!), plus badges that players earn for completing an entire badge series. The standard-issue weekly badges have already dropped! :)

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