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Earn ALL the badges in the Spy Another Day series to become a certified SUPER SPY!!! But you probably saw that one coming!!! 

This badge has been awarded to 1194 players

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Hello! My progress is showing 100% and I completed all the badges, but the completionist badge isn't populating for me for Super Spy. Thanks for your help!

Nevermind! It just populated later than the rest of the completionists. It popped up now that I've logged something else. All good!

Ope! It should award after you do any points rewarding action! For example, you could input this code: PLEASEAWARDMETHISBADGE and it should reward you the badge! ;)

Thanks for playing!!

I see the badges showing up as earned for each section where I have completed all the summer activities. I entered the code and everything is working but none of the points were awarded. I have gone ahead and also entered in some additional codes as well and this (and other badges) points have not been awarded. Thanks for your help.

Hi there!
Since this is a series that awards automatically, we run every player's account through our system and if you have done the requirements to earn the badge, our system adds them to your account. Since we have a LOT of Summer Game players, it can take some time though! I just checked your player scorecard and the completionist badges are there! It looks like they got awarded around 1:30pm so you should be all set even if you didn't see the green banner letting you know :)
I hope that clears things up and thank you so much for playing the Summer Game!

Hi there! We had to do some work on our end to get these awarding properly but I just checked your account and you are all set! All completionist badges you earned were rewarded to you at 4:00pm! Sorry for the confusion and thank you so much for playing!! :)

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