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Badge Drop #12: The Last Inning

by ohheyitselle

It’s the bottom of the 12th inning here at SG Field and the bases are LOADED!!! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS!!!

On 1st base, we have all those CODE SPOTTERS who have spent all summer traipsing around town looking for LAWN & LIBRARY codes and are ready to RUN HOME to clean their Lawn Code signs with Goo Gone-like products then place them in storage! OR they may be running to return their sign to any AADL location for the lovely library employees to save and repurpose next summer! WHO CAN SAY WHERE THEY ARE RUNNING?! Running in either direction is acceptable because the same signs will be back next year (but with different codes, of course)!!!

On 2nd base, there’s the ever-diligent BADGER FINISHERS who have been waiting all summer for the coveted COMPLETIONIST BADGES dropping RIGHT NOW. Ooooh yes, their work earning ALL the badges in their favorite badge series pays off TODAY!

On 3rd base, we’ve got EVENT ATTENDEES who are ready to run pointedly NOT home, but to the GAME OVER GALA for some last minute Summer Game Points!!! It’s unclear whether that effects the ending of this metaphorical baseball game but that is for someone else to figure out!!!

At bat is… YOU, our ever-diligent LIBRARY LOVER!!!!! You have spent all summer long raking in the points and spreading the Summer Game love so it’s time to KNOCK IT OUTTA THE PARK because the Game ends on Sunday at 11:59pm!!!!

Post Summer Game, you can still SWING by the Summer Game Shop and spend those sweet, sweet SG points before the shop closes at the end of the day on Monday, September 4th!!

The pitch timer is running out on the Summer Game, so we’re gonna THROW you these COMPLETIONIST BADGES!!!




In our very biased opinion, you hit a GRAND SLAM, dear player.  There’s nothing left for us here at SG Field to do but give one big THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the Summer game! Playing is fun, and gives me some motivation during the Summer.

And THANK YOU to all the staff that put in SO much work to make this happen! Also to whomever funds the Summer Game!

But... I have one minor issue: How is there no Mochimochi Master badge?!?

Hi there! The Mochimochi badge series also serves as a Partner badges and we typically don't offer Completionist badges for the Partner series (or the Event and Contributor series). We'll take your comment into consideration for future Summer Games though!! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for playing!!

Is there any more news about the graphic t-shirt. I heard it was a post summer game challenge but I haven’t heard anything yet? Thank you so much for the amazing library and staff❤️ (I can’t wait for the 2024 summer game!!!!!!)

Hi there! YES! There is news!!! There will be an opportunity to print your favorite local legend on a tote bag (or shirt if you bring one) at the AADL Local Legends Iron-Ons program on September 15th:
Alternatively, a FAADL shop with local legends shirts for purchase is coming very soon! :)

Thanks for asking and thanks for playing!!!

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