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All Wrapped Up!!

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 11:00am by SaraP

We’ve got everyone’s favorite Summer Game feast-for-the-eyes right here and bready to go and GUESS WHAT?! It involves some BREAD! It also involves CRUNCHING! Because what we have here is our super famous, super-sized, and super flavorful SUMMER GAME WRAP!!! *cough cough* (it’s a wrap-up post with bread puns!) *cough* Let’s CRUNCH the NUMBERS!!!


You knead 266 badges to make this year’s perfect wrap. Then your community will gobble them up (um… earn them) 379,246 times! That’s an average of 1,426 earns/nom-noms per badge!!!
Note: for a truly classic twist on this year’s wrap, season to taste with one (or all) of our top 3 badges:
- Spot TheRide (earned 6224 times)
- Log Jammer (earned 5104 times)
- Super Summer Reader (earned 4585 times)

CODES (essential for a good summer wrap!)
Sprinkle a total of 2,877 codes ALL OVER TOWN and the internets!
Make sure at least 1,293 were lawn codes and then give your loyal fans a CHALLAH BACK for spreading all that SG LOVE!!
But how many BITES does it take to get to the center of a SUMMER GAME???
Exactly 2,009,716 bites!!! That’s how many times those codes will be chomped!
Average breademptions per code: 699!

Last year's wrap called for 233,700,673 points squished in amongst all those player, badge, and code toppings.
THIS year’s WHOPPER of a WRAP requires a total of 289,233,436 mouth-watering points!!!
That’s like a 23.8% increase in secret sauce!! You'll really be raking in the DOUGH!!

We saved the best, most important ingredient for last: THE PLAYERS!!!

The secret ingredient that holds this whole enchilada together (is that a sandwich??) . . . The sesame seeds on the bun . . . The yeast that makes it all rise to the TOP . . . is YOU!!!
So be sure to whip up 25% MORE PLAYERS than last year (which was a record-breaking year!).
Your perfect SG Wrap will be chock-full of each and every one of this year’s NEW RECORD-BREAKING 12,660 players. (Last year we “only” had 10,114). Not too crumby at all, you guys!

Special thanks to all our little cinnamon buns who participated this year–you make Summer Game livin’ a whole lot SWEETER :D

Until next year, THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!

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