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We Are What We Speak - Frieda Ekotto - Part 2

When: October 25, 2023

Part two with Frieda Ekotto – Francophone novelist, literary critic, professor at the University of Michigan, filmmaker, and 2023-2024 President of the Modern Languages Association – about goals as current Modern Languages Association president, the function of legal discourse, and power of translating.

Hosts: Aliyah Mitchell and Juan D. Freitez; Editor: Aliyah Mitchell; Produced in partnership with Ann Arbor District Library and recorded at Fifth Avenue Studios.

Featured “A Rap on Race” (1971).

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October 25, 2023

Length: 00:41:48

Copyright: Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-alike)

Rights Held by: Ann Arbor District Library


We Are What We Speak