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Recipe Share: The Samantha Irby Experience | Easy on the Tummy on AADL.TV


Friday July 5, 2024: 4:00pm to 5:00pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar




In no way do we claim that we can cure your digestive issues but we do have some recipes that may or may not be easy on your tummy. Join us for an easy-to-digest episode of Recipe Share.

"Oh here's something fun--I don't care what diet you're on or what herbal supplements you take. If they work for you, I'm happy. I don't know if it's something about me, or if people just walk around dispensing unfounded medical advice to everyone they've ever met with a health issue, but more often than I am comfortable with, some asshole with a high school diploma wants to sit me down and talk at me about how they can cure my wretched-gut disease." Samantha Irby

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