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LocAAtion, locAAtion, locAAtion!!! In honor of Ann Arbor's bicentennial, this badge series focuses on some of the past and present landmarks that makes Ann Arbor...well, ANN ARBOR!! Summer Game artist Mario Zucca created a brilliant map of the city we all love but may not fully know...YET! 

Ann Arbor's bicentennial is making us feel OLD. After all, the library has been around for over 100 of the 200 years of Ann Arbor . . .

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This might be obvious how to get the code, but on the 5th one, I am not seeing any pictures between 1957 and 1958 with any of the searches of the capital words.

Hmmm... Have you tried combining the capitalized words (and ONLY the capital letters of those words)??? Another hint would be not to use the capitalized words that are clickable links to other things! :)

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!

You're searching for the right thing! There isn't a clickable code in the results though. The answer to the question that leads to your code is in the description of the picture you're looking for!!! The clue's hint gives a bit more help too!! :)
Good luck and thanks for playing!

Stumped on the second one. I tried “treat” and “cake” and filtering by article and boy did I scroll!

This badge was so fun! The baby Downtown location was so cute when it was first being built! And this page is so cool: Everyone should read the first couple paragraphs to learn about Nellie Loving and the community pulling off a daring book rescue from a fire!

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Hi there! I would focus on the words that are in all caps in the clue. Maybe an ALL CAPS four word phrase... Use that in your searching to find your code!

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!!

Someone needs to spell check the clues. Multiple misspellings across the badges

Sometimes we REALLY DO have typos, but A LOT of the time we’re making a pun! We just can’t help ourSHELVES (get it, get it? We’re a LIBRARY and we have SHELVES!!) Groan away!! If there are specific typos you’re looking at, please fill out the form at and choose summer game, and let us know, and we’ll get them fixed right away!

Hi there! I would focus on the words that are in all caps in the clue. Maybe an ALL CAPS four word phrase... Use that in your searching to find your code! Make sure you're filtering your search so it's only searching out Local History collection!!

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!!

I loved this one! Was stuck on #2 for a bit until I realized what topic the question was ACTUALLY about. :) (I did stumble into an adorable picture of children drinking milkshakes at Washtenaw Dairy in 1958, though!) Loved the photos of the... vintage music device (trying not to drop spoilers here!) -- I had no idea how people would have enjoyed music in a library back then. Gotta ask my parents if they ever used one. :D

Try doing a Local History search (with the Photo dropdown selected too!) for the last two ALL-CAPS words in the clue! That should get you there, but LET US KNOW if it doesn't! Thanks for playing!

I need help with clue 5. I want to know where to look for the ALL CAPS word so I can look it up and search for the answer. I have tried to follow the clue, However it is not helping me.

These old photos are so fun! I didn't even know that they were on the library website. I would love to see the reading room return to it's full glory MCM and all.

wow totally lost on first clue! looking at photo and information below photo. no idea what i am supposed to search or look for. 1907?

Hi there! This one is certainly SUPER TRICKY!! This clue's hint has the link (which is also found from the link in the clue) that leads to a few pictures of the Carnegie Library! Under each image is a "READ MORE" option. Try exploring those and you may run into your code!!
Thanks for playing!

The amount of care and love you put in to the summer game is so evident. Thank you for doing the research and educating us on local history!

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