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Smell & Tell | Cultivating a Vocabulary for Scented Roses


Thursday June 13, 2024: 6:00pm to 7:30pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


There’s nothing like the fragrance of a rose in full bloom. A sense of wonder accompanies each inhalation, whether perceived in the wind or nez en fleur. Describing how a rose smells, however, isn't as simple as lingering in the beauty of its perfume.

Rosy is a common descriptor for rose scent, and does little to articulate the multifaceted aspects that shape rose fragrance. It’s unfair to the rose and supports an enchantment that stills our tongues. The enchantment must be broken temporarily in order to cultivate a vocabulary for rose scent.

Embracing the fact that “rosy” functions as an identifier and generalizes the complex scents emitted by a rose, is the first step at Smell & Tell. We’ll literally “stop and smell the roses” by evaluating a variety of rose extracts on perfume blotters, thus bringing a garden of roses to our senses.

Attendees will also learn about established rose fragrance families used by rosarians to support cultivation of a vocabulary for rose scent. This will allow attendees to stop and smell the roses in an informed manner, a skill that will be easier to cultivate after the workshop.

The Smell and Tell series of art+science programming is led by Michelle Krell Kydd, a trained nose in flavors and fragrance who shares her passion for gastronomy, sensory evaluation and the perfume arts on Glass Petal Smoke. Smell & Tell builds community through interactions with flavor, fragrance and storytelling.

Smell & Tell sessions are presented to an in-person audience via a live Zoom presentation by Michelle Krell Kydd. Scents and other materials are provided to in-person attendees.

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