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We Had a Zoo

LocAAtion, locAAtion, locAAtion!!! In honor of Ann Arbor's bicentennial, this badge series focuses on some of the past and present landmarks that makes Ann Arbor...well, ANN ARBOR!! Summer Game artist Mario Zucca created a brilliant map of the city we all love but may not fully know...YET! 

Did ZOO know that the ZOOniversity of Michigan used ZOO have a . . . a . . . what's that word for a collection of animals again? ZOO got it! A ZOO, of course. Let's explore our Local History Collection to find some pictures of the furry friends that called the University of Michigan Zoo home. To find every code in this badge, you'll want to use the drop-downs to search the LOCAL HISTORY collection for PHOTOS.

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I had to know:
The Zoo was at the corner of North University and Forest, which is now known (after several renovations) as the Ruthven Building, and is used at the University of Michigan administration building. President Ono has his office there, and the Board of Regents have their meeting room.

Nice photos, I always feel bad for the animals in zoos though! Glad there isn't an Ann Arbor Zoo anymore.

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