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Occupy South U

LocAAtion, locAAtion, locAAtion!!! In honor of Ann Arbor's bicentennial, this badge series focuses on some of the past and present landmarks that makes Ann Arbor...well, ANN ARBOR!! Summer Game artist Mario Zucca created a brilliant map of the city we all love but may not fully know...YET! 

Like the badge tag says, this one isn't for kids, folks. For three days in the summer of 1969, South University was the site of a riot with tension and fighting between young people of Ann Arbor and the police. Let's explore some primary source resources of this so-called "Battle of Ann Arbor"

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Can I get a hint on #5? I found what the clue is referring to, but I don't know what the code would be. Thanks!

Make sure, when you're using the search terms given in the hint, that you also limit your LOCAL HISTORY search (in the first dropdown) to DOCUMENTS (in the second dropdown). If it's still giving you trouble, fill out the form at and choose summer game, and we'll email with you to give you MORE SPECIFIC help! Thanks for playing!!!

I am lost on #1. I changed my search to “local history” and “documents” but I have no clue what to search. It feels like I’ve tried everything with the capitalized hints.

Some of those ALL-CAPS words are hints of what to search! Why not do a local history search for BATTLE OF ANN ARBOR and some of those other all-caps words might hint at which of the early results the code is hiding in!

I try clicking on the link that I know is the answer for the last clue but the page wont load. everything else is loading fine.

The recording says the motorcyclist was popping wheelies. That’s too many letters. Help?

For this clue, you'll want to get your information from the DOCUMENT you found the first code in, rather than the PODCAST referenced in the fifth clue! (But I took a PEEK at your scorecard, and it looks like you figured this one out! Nice work!!!) Thanks for playing!!!!

Are the podcasts searchable? Is there an index? I'm scrolling through pages and pages and haven't hit upon the Battle for A2.

Not coming up for me. Tried 3 different searches. Are the podcasts searchable? Or itemized? Besides finishing the badge, I would like to listen to others, but it's tedious scrolling through all the pages to find what you want.

Hi Sara!
I just emailed you step-by-step instructions to find this code! For other podcast searching, if you do a local history search with the media dropdown, you won't get ONLY podcasts, but MANY of the search results will be! If you're looking for something more specific, you can respond to the email we just sent, or send any general query to Thanks for playing!!

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