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Super Search One!

Imagine a word-search, but you've got to figure out the words, too! Meet the SUPER SEARCH!

In this hexagonal grid, there are 36 hidden words (forwards, backwards, or diagonally) that fall under SIX categories. Circle the answers as you find them—like with a traditional word-search, letters can be used in multiple words.

When you are finished, there will be 11 letters that aren't used in any words, which, when written in order, will give you your final code.

Your SIX word categories (with six words each): Types of Cheese, Elements with 1-Letter Symbols, Dog Breeds, Events in the 2024 Olympics, Furniture, and Rooms in the Board Game Clue

All words have at least 3-letters, are not plural, and do not use abbreviations (i.e. no LAB for dog breeds). No words are contained entirely within other words.

Learn more about how to solve these puzzles!

Here's a printer-friendly version. (You definitely want to print these puzzles, or stop by the library and we're happy to print them for you!)

Individual letters, inside triangular shaped boxes that nestle together to make a full puzzle grid of letters.

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YES! I actually did the first one without needing to ask for help. So glad these are back!

When they say "written in order" do they mean in alphabetic order? Or how they appear on the puzzle left to right, top to bottom, like you would read a book?

Great question! It's the latter (left to right, top to bottom, like reading a book)! It will make a word or phrase, so you should know you've FOUND IT even before you enter it in to get your POINTS!! Thanks for playing!

Lots of folks have found one SNEAKY not-quite word that SURE LOOKS like a piece of of furniture that starts with a B and is used by infants, but it's a misspelling and not one of the words intended to be found. If that's NOT your issue, email a list of the words you've found in each category to and we'll get it PUZZLED OUT!!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!

Maybe i'm doing it wrong but i found multiple words and they didn't work. Is anyone else having this problem?

Love this game so much. I'm so glad it's back again this summer! Thanks so much for making this-- I'm sure the process takes a lot of time!

The best! Thank you for making these, can't wait to put off work to do these instead all summer long.

We're big fans of this puzzle around our house. Can't wait to solve them all!

Are all the words 3 letters? I don't think so though, just asking. Also are the words all in the format left to right?

Hi there! Thanks for PUZZLING through this! All words have at least 3-letters, but MANY are longer than that. Found words aren't codes, rather, after you find ALL the words, you will have a certain number of letters left in the puzzle (in the case of this puzzle, there are ELEVEN, but that changes from puzzle to puzzle). Words can be found forward (left to right) & backwards (right to left) and diagonally up & down in both directions. I'd suggest checking out this help page to see some visual examples of how to circle words Thanks for playing!!!

So after I find all 36 words, I input all of them into the code bar and the ones that are right will show up as codes?? Or after I find 36 words there are some letters left and those letters will make up the code?? Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm doing this for the first time.

No need to APOLOGIZE for questions! We're a library, QUESTIONS are our BREAD & BUTTER!!!

(But, yes, after you find the 36 words, there will be letters leftover and THOSE will be your code. Enter them in order left-to-right, top-to-bottom like you would read in a book)

The most exotic cheese was really tricky, but this first-time player really enjoyed the puzzle!! Looking forward to more!

I got 5 of the Olympic sports but i need help finding the last one! Somebody help!!!

I really enjoy these Super Search Puzzles. Thanks for including these puzzles and badges again this year!

This was so fun, can’t believe I haven’t done it before. Is there just one per year?

I really enjoyed this!
I did find that there are 7 furniture items, not 6 - was there an easter egg in there? 🙃

There was one piece of furniture that is entirely contained within one of the cheeses (which means it doesn't count!), and one misspelling of a piece of furniture that many thought was in the puzzle! Funnily enough, both are things associated with sleeping!! Glad you were still able to solve, and thanks for playing!!!!

Oh my gosh! The letters that I had left over did not spell out the code, but were close enough that I was able to guess the code by using some skill, luck, and common sense!

I sent an email but haven't received an answer yet! :( I've done all four super searches and now am down to the last few terms but cannot for the life of me fully figure them out!

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