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Visit all 5 AADL locations and collect all of the codes from the banners hanging on the buildings!

This badge has been awarded to 2022 players

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We already got all the codes at Pittsfield and I thought I already put the banner code in but I must have forgotten. Is there any way to get help with that one? I can’t remember it off the top of my head. Thanks!

Hi there! Thank SO much for your eagerness to help!!! We really appreciate it but we do ask that codes are kept out of the comments! We'd hate to accidentally spoil things for other players. :)
Thanks for playing!!


Is there more than one outside of Westgate? When I added it yesterday it said I earned points for going to an event? Not the banner badge.

Hi there! There is only one code at Westgate (but there are two banners- one on the front of the building and one on the back, but it's the same code). It looks like you have the wrong spelling of the Westgate code! Be sure you are using the spelling that give a subtle nod to Michigan! ;)
Feel free to contact us here if you're still stuck:
Thanks for playing!!

I was at Westgate yesterday and entered what I thought was the code from the banner but when I looked it's not credited in this badge so I figured I must have forgotten to hit submit but had forgotten what it was. When I remembered it and redid it, it says I've already submitted it but it still doesn't show in my badge progress.

when I put in the banner code for westgate, it said I went to an event I didn't go to. what should I do?

Hi! I wrote the code down incorrectly for Traverwood and we rarely go out that way. I have all of the codes from inside, would I be able to get help with the banner? Thank you!

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