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Super Summer Reader

Complete the Summer Reading Game and earn a code worth 2000 points!

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I logged the first few ones online on the page but it only gave me the points for the first one and it didn’t go through for the next ones

HI There! You'll get 50 points for the first item you log each day (and then no points for future logs that day). To earn this badge, you need to check the "and I finished it" box on ten logged items! I took a peek at your scorecard, and it doesn't look like that box was checked for any of the items you logged! Feel free to re-log them (and CHECK THAT BOX!), but know you won't get a logging bonus until tomorrow comes! Thanks for playing!!!!

This Super Summer Reader badge is the same as the summer reading log card found inside the Explorer's Guide (found at any AADL location)! You can earn this badge by logging your reading online OR by showing a staff member your reading log from the Explorer's Guide!

Amazing that 728 people have done 10 things already! Does watching Jeopardy every night count (smiling)? The real intent is reading, isn't it?

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