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Star Giver

Add a star rating to at least 1 item in the AADL catalog.

Keep in mind-- you only get points for your first 10 star ratings each day SO MAKE 'EM COUNT!! You'll be rewarded for the total number of DAYS you rate items when the CONTRIBUTOR TROPHIES drop later this summer!! 

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Hi there! Sometimes it may take doing a code or something to remind our system to reward an earned badge, but it looks like you did earn this one! Congrats and sorry for the confusion!!
Thanks for playing!!

It looks like the text on this is wrong - you can earn points for rating ten items per day for a total of 100 points?

Hi there! That's right! You can earn points for your first 10 items each day, totaling to 100 points daily. For this badge, you only need to rate ONE item though! We've updated the badge description to be a little more clear. :)
Thanks for playing!

If you are looking at an item in our catalog, you'll see towards the top of the page in bold "Your Rating" with 5 blank stars. Click those to give an item 1-5 stars! And there you have it! :)

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