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Presenting Alfred Hitchcock Presents #67 - One More Mile to Go

When: June 24, 2024

Presenting Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a podcast dedicated to examining each episode of the original "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" television series, show by show in chronological order. In this installment, Sam Jacoby (who gets neither name in the episode) murders his wife and tries to dispose of her body but is hampered by the most helpful and least helpful cop in the world. Then, Amy and Al discuss the library archives, Hitch rehearsing for his later films, and how the cop seems to have nothing better to do than follow Sam around. Al throws out some possible interpretations and Amy wonders, up to this point, how many episodes feature a husband murdering his wife.


Sam watches in his rearview mirror as the police officer checks his taillight.









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June 24, 2024

Length: 01:34:39

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