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Kids Crossword #1

Welcome back to another FABULOUS summer of crossword puzzles... for kids! (Adults can do them, too, of course!) This week we're launching things off with a trip around the world to some different FAMOUS CITIES! Solve the puzzle to figure out the two answers that combine to give you your code. Your code is the answers to number 3 across and number 6 down (first the answer to #3 across and then the answer to #6 down), all combined into one phrase.

Click here for a printable or fillable PDF or use the image below to solve the puzzle!

fillable crossword puzzle with the title "Cities Around the World"


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Hi there! Glad to hear you were able to solve this one! We try really hard to make badges of all difficulty levels so there is something for everyone! This one, for example, is marked as a one star of standard difficulty. If you're looking for something more challenging, look for badges with more difficulty stars! We do ask players not to post about badges being too easy, as that's subjective and different for everyone. :)
Thanks for playing!!

Hi there - there are several options for solving this crossword puzzle. You can print out the image in the body of the badge, or you can click the fillable PDF on a computer and fill it in there. The code is the answers to two of the clues combined, as mentioned above. I hope this helps and THANKS for playing!

It keeps saying code not recognized, although I tried putting two words together and separating them, and starting them with capital letters and small letters. Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Will you be doing the more complicated crossword puzzles this year? I really enjoyed them last year!

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