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Downtown Discoverer

Find the 15 green building codes in the Downtown Library to become a Downtown Discoverer!

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Hello, Downtown Library! I just want to say I love you to the librarians here! <3 I was so excited to move to Ann Arbor in 2021 because I would finally have an AADL library card. Your selection of media (physical and electronic) is unbelievably MASSIVE, your staff are always super kind and helpful, and the library itself is super well-organized and welcoming. I always feel at home there. Shoutout especially to the library staff member who once RAN A BLOCK AFTER ME when she realized I'd accidentally left behind some printed music scores that I needed--u are the real GOAT and I will never forget you!

I am looking for some help with a code! I gathered all of the codes for the downtown location last weekend but it would seem that we spelled/wrote down code number 2 incorrectly.

I was at the library today and somehow whiffed completely on "She's BIG, FLUFFY, and a mother of THREE! Any additional tips? Thanks ... so much fun, still chuckling over the clue in the secret lab. AND your kindness (and humane boundary setting) for those in need. So many gold stars for our AADL Downtown (and all the branches). Thank you!

We are having trouble with code 10. My daughter visited downtown yesterday and the code may be misspelled. We have tried a few variations without luck.

Hi! I was at the library today and found all of the codes but it seems that I misspelled the sewing code (“HINT: You would be SEW wise to look by these books!”). I would appreciate any help!

Hello there! I'm having some trouble finding the code of "If you open this door outside of GARDEN hours... you'll hear a big HOWL!". I would greatly appreciate your help.

P.S. It's my first time spending summer in Ann Arbor. Thank you for designing and coordinating the Summer Game to make my summer delightful and eventful!

Hi there! We're happy to hear you're enjoying the Summer Game! That code is located in the youth area, but we'll email you some help to the email address associated with your account in case you've left already! :)
Thanks for playing!

Hi! We love the summer game so much! My son collected the downtown library codes with his grandpa, but seems to have made a mistake with clue #5 about the factual books. I would appreciate it if we could get a little help with that one. Thank you!

Hi there! Happy to hear you're loving the Summer Game!! WE'll send you some help with that code to the email address associated with your account! Be on the lookout!
Thanks for playing!! :)

We are so close!! Please help us with the "Looking for a SNACK??" clue. We misspelled it and cannot figure it out. Thank you!

Hi, we had a lot of trouble finding the code with the hint, “you would be so wise to look but these books” could you help us?

This has been so much fun! I really appreciate the AADL putting this on and encouraging everyone to go out and find that inner child in them.

Hello. We thought we got all the downtown branch codes tonight (but only because of the help of the two kindly librarians who didn’t let us give up on the “pawn” clue.) We must have written down the answer to #8 wrong. Cay you please help us out?

Thank you!

I went to the downtown library today and misspelled the name of the last code can you help me?

This is the first year I have played the newer parts of the summer reading game (ie not just reading). I have to admit I enjoyed visiting all the branches and doing the scavenger hunt. The clues and answers were very PUNNY and made me smile! Thanks to all who put together another great code.

I love the badges--they are so fun! I wish we could buy iron-on versions (from the prize shop) to put on a tee shirt or tote bag.

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