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Malletts Creek Collector

Find the 10 green building codes in the Malletts Creek Library to become a Malletts Creek Collector!

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I incorrectly wrote down the code for "We hear America's favorite pastime is baseball...?" Can you send me some help?

I plan on going to this library sometime this week, and whilst getting the codes there, I also am thinking about getting the lawn code sign, but where and who do I get the sign?

Hello! FYI there is a lawn/library code on the post outside at Mallett's that isn't working. It's the one with a color and eee in the middle.


Hi! I think that I wrote "Why not browse the shelves??? We're feeling something FICTION" wrong. Could I have some help with that? THANKS FOR THE SUMMER GAME!

Hi! Could I have some help with these two( HINT: Something smells FISHy....///HINT: It's a MYSTERY to us where this next code is...)? THANKS A LOT!

We visited the library and wrote down the codes, but we must have a typo (write-o?) for one of them. Could you please help us with the HINT: Something smells FISHy.... Happy to share what we wrote down.

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