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Pittsfield Perambulator

Find the 10 building codes in the Pittsfield Branch to become a Pittsfield Perambulator!

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I must have misspelled the codes for #4and #7 when I went to the Pittsfield branch on 6/24 for the Slimy event. Would you pls provide assistance on these two?

Hi there! Thank you so much for trying to help, but we try really hard to avoid code sharing in the comments! We don't want to spoil the code searching for anyone. We're always happy to help directly with code problems via email :)
Thanks for understanding and for playing!



AARGH! I misspelled Clue #8, I guess, and won’t be going back to the Pittsfield’s side of town any time soon. Can you help? I remember the droid hint, but not the alternate spelling you used.

I entered the code for #4 and it says it took the code but it does not show that we entered all of the codes.

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