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Super Scatterlogger

Play AADL's catalog game, Scatterlog, for 10 days to be a SUPER SCATTERLOGGER!!!! 

A new puzzle each day during Summer Game can be found HERE


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I am confused about what exactly we supposed to do. We search the clue in catalog ? please help.

Hi There! Like the helpful commenter noted, if you play our daily game Scatterlog (found at ) and link it to your Summer Game account, you will automatically get points when you correctly solve the puzzle! Correctly solve ten days worth, and you'll automatically earn this badge! But if it's giving you trouble, fill out the form at and choose summer game, and we'll figure out the issue! Thanks for playing!!

You are supposed to click on 4 titles at a time that belong to a certain category…. Like 4 titles each with the name of a flower etc . The clues are there to tell you what the category is.

Hmm, I've played almost every day, and this is showing that I've only played once.

Hmmm indeed! Sure enough, I'm only seeing record of two Scatterlog plays with your account. If you're playing on multiple devices, you'll need to link to your Summer Game account on each of them for the points to record to your account. If that doesn't sound like it's the issue that's facing you, fill out the form at and choose summer game, and we'll connect you with our SCATTERLOG EXPERT to get things sorted! Thanks for your patience! And, as always, thanks for playing!!

I have the same problem as majean, as does my husband. It says I only played 5 days, when I know I played more than that, and my husband's account says he only played 2. What did we do wrong to break the game?

For most folks who have had success getting SOME but not ALL of their Scatterlog plays recognized, the issue is that the game is not ALWAYS linked to their account. (This is especially true for people who play on multiple devices or on shared devices!) Before you play, make sure to notice that it says "You're earning Summer Game points as [your player name]" If it doesn't say your name, you'll need to re-link your account. If this doesn't sound like your issue, or if this fix doesn't work, email and we'll work with you directly to figure things out!!! Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing!!!

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