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Two questions about Review Reviewer:

If I select "excellent" review, does the reviewer get extra credit? If not, what is the point of that button?

Why are items that are no longer in the catalog being reviewed? Several times I have found items I'd like to request, but AADL no longer has them.

Hi Sara,

If enough players mark a review as Amazing, then it will be determined to be an officially Amazing review! The reviewer will get a 500 point Summer Game bonus for writing an Amazing review, and eventually, the Amazing reviews will be highlighted on the item page and other places!

For items no longer in the catalog, that's a bit trickier! Sometimes items may be reordered or have standing holds so they continue to appear in the catalog. If you come across an item we no longer have but you are interested in, a good option is to fill out a Contact Us (, select "suggest a title" and let us know you're interested! :)

I hope that clears some things up and thanks for playing!!

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