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Hello, it looks like I'm only receiving 1 point, even for the news sprinter mode. At least for today's points. Is there any way for you to check this? Thank you!

Hi there, it sounds like you're looking at the progress bar on this page. That is counting the number of times you score points-o-matic points, not the number of points you score. Your scorecard looks all correct to me! Does that help?

I wrote an editorial to my local paper to encourage people to support my school's levy when I was in 5th grade. We had multiple people call my house and leave messages on our answering machine to tell me they were impressed a kid was being so engaged in local issues. They could only find my number because the letter had my full name and street listed -- people clearly took that information to look up my house phone number in the yellow pages. Looking back, I guess that wasn't particularly safe for a kid!

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