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It's Alive

Electricity was the spark that Dr. Frankenstein needed to bring his creation to life. This badge is all about the strange manifestations of this seemingly magical force. [To earn this badge, do a general catalog search for the word or words in all capitals.]

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Hi there! Thank you SO much for trying to help, but please avoid giving away answers in the comments! We'd hate to spoil the badge for other players! We've edited your comment to remove the link.
Thanks for playing! :)

I've tried your suggestions above...17th CENTURY, CENTURY and Seventeenth Century...I still find no code within the first 12 items. What am I missing?

How strange!! We'll look into this, but in the meantime I've updated the HINT of the fifth clue to have some more information to guide you on your way!
Let us know if you can't find it, and thanks for playing!

I certainly don't want to spread wrong info, but am pretty sure this is correct. I was referring to the first known use of the word "electricity" in English in 1646 (the 17th century) by Sir Thomas Browne. If this is wrong, let us know so the library can correct this!

There are some fun factoids in this badge, and I'd be interested to learn more about them. When is electricity made with "putting protons in motion"? What's the difference between the three forms of lightning? What's a Leyden jar, and who was Kleist?

I think it would be cool to link some books that would teach kids (and adults!) more about the subjects mentioned in the badge.

Everybody if you want to find the code, you have to be very very smart and look into all the comments and if you really really need help search it up on Google but no don’t it will be cheating so don’t

Hi There! Don't worry, it is definitely NOT cheating to Google things! We are ALL ABOUT using resources!! (But, hey, if you know an answer WITHOUT Googling, you can feel extra good about it!) Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for trying! Are you doing a general catalog search using the word in this clue written in all capital letters? I just checked and the catalog item you are looking for comes up in the first 10 search results. Good luck!

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