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Spot TheRide

Look for an AAATA bus bearing a Summer Game code! Ride TheRide free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 13th through August 25th!

Be on the lookout for a BONUS CODE when riding TheRide! 

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Hmm. Apparently I was too eager? I entered the bus code before the badge went live so now I've got all the codes for the badge, but haven't earned the badge?

I have seen several buses but the code seems to be on the opposites sides not where we can see them. I found the one on the bus. Thanks for these games

My wife and son took the bus this morning and the driver wouldn't accept their library cards until she insisted and he contacted the office.

Probably just a first-day glitch, but maybe the AAATA needs to remind drivers about this?

I’ve found the code about seating and greeting (hint hint;) but it hasn’t awarded me the badge and says that I have entered 0 codes for the badge. Have I entered the wrong code?

Hi there! Looks like you found the bonus INSIDE bus code!! The code for this badge is located on a big banner the outside of whole slew of busses! So keep an eye out all summer long! :)
Thanks for asking and thanks for playing!!

I saw several busses today with the same code. Is there one code for the busses or should I look for others?

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