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Natural Dinosaurs

If you love learning about flora, fauna, rocks, and minerals (both old and new), then let us plant you—rootstock and barrel—smack in the middle of the greatest place to explore natural history in Ann Arbor: the University of Michigan Natural History Museum!!! This badge will focus on their traveling exhibition called DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES, but of course, you can visit the entire museum too!

Pro tips:

  • Museum MAP
  • Air conditioned!
  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible :D
  • Give yourself an hour or two for this one - especially with kids!

Daily 10am-5pm
Closed July 4 

Address: Biological Sciences Building, 1105 North University Avenue
Driving? Parking in the Palmer Structure just north of the building is recommended, but limited metered street parking is sometimes available on Fletcher. More info here.
Busing? The museum is near the Central Campus Transit Center which is serviced by Routes  23, 62, and 32. For more information, visit
Biking? There are several bike racks around the building!

BEGIN at the MAIN ENTRANCE, flanked by two large puma statues, on the south side of the building. Let the pumas guide you.


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Wish you had included the 12 hidden drawings by artist David Zinn scattered through the museum as part of the badge hunt.

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