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Artistic Differences

This badge will lead you on an easy, short walk through a collection of billboard-sized art installations near the boat launch parking lot at Gallup Park. The installation is the 3rd annual centerpiece project of Embracing Our Differences Michigan—a local nonprofit dedicated to expanding awareness of the diversity of the human experience by harnessing the power of art and education.

Pro tips:

  • Wheelchair/stroller accessible
  • Paved lot and trail (you MAY need to step off the trail to read some of the text on the art, but the grass is flat)
  • Not much shade

Walking distance:
If you drive there = about 0.3 miles
If you bus there = 1.25 miles

6am-10pm daily

Driving? Park at the Gallup Park Public Boat Launch Parking lot located on Geddes Rd. just east of Huron Parkway (this is the smaller, partially-dirt lot, NOT the busy parking areas by the playground and canoe livery).

Busing? AATA Bus route 3 has a stop just north of the Huron Pkwy entrance to Huron High. From the stop, head south down the sidewalk to the intersection of Geddes and Huron Pkwy, and use the crosswalks there to get to the southeast corner, which connect right up with the back end of the exhibit. Then take the path through the exhibit to the front by the muskrat sculpture so you're positioned for the beginning of the badge! Taking the bus makes this a walking total of about 1.25 miles. More bus info can be found here!

BEGIN at the Public Boat Launch Parking lot. Take any of the short trails leading down to the paved sidewalk by the river and then TURN RIGHT. Head down the paved walk toward the exhibit. You'll keep the river on your left and pass by a few benches. The art is GIANT, near the Huron Parkway bridge, and hard to miss!


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