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1896 Olympics

The Olympic Games date back to about 776 BC. There were many revivals in the 19th century, but the Olympics didn’t take the form that we are familiar with until 1896, under the guidance of the International Olympic Committee. [To earn this badge, do a general catalog search for the answer to each question. For example, for the question “Who won the marathon at the 1896 Olympics?”, you would do a general catalog search for “Spyridon Louis.” Some questions will require an internet search.]

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This game involves both web searching and book searching, making it more enjoyable. It was really a fun game.

Great game! (I'm guessing Silverlicious is not the thriller we're seeking for the first answer.)

I got up to the crew question and got that code but it will not show the last question so I can't complete the badge.

Once you figure out the answer to the question (Googling 1896 olympics should get you there!), search that city name (without the country) in the catalog. You'll find your code in a book in one of the first ten results. Thanks for playing!!!

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⭐️⭐️ Tricky 2 of out 4 difficulty

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