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Bike House Bonanza

We all love exploring new things but keeping our bikes (and ourselves) safe is of the utmost importance. The Bike House Bonanza badge will show you some safe spaces to park your bike in downtown Ann Arbor, whether you complete this badge on two wheels or two feet. This badge is all about choosing your own form of mobility! 

If you ride be sure to check the following: A-Air, B-Brakes, C-Chain! And don’t forget a helmet!

Biking/Pedestrian Safety Tips:

·        Bikes are permitted to be on sidewalks in the city, please be sure to yield to pedestrians.

·        Watch for turning vehicles at intersections and driveways.

·        Use your hands to signal when you plan to turn, slow down, or stop.

·        Wear a properly fitted helmet.

·        Give an audible warning before you pass people on a sidewalk.

·        Use your senses while biking – listen for vehicles, look around to avoid items in your path. Make eye contact with other drivers and be alert.

·        Use pedestrian crosswalk signals when no traffic signal is present.

This badge can be done in 20-30 minutes by walking, 10-20 minutes by cycling, and will require you to walk or bike approximately 0.6 miles through the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor. 

Make sure to stop at every crosswalk, pay attention to traffic signals, and be especially careful while cycling along this route. It's very busy and the bike-lanes are inconsistent! When stopping to read clues and search for codes, please move to the sidewalk. 

This badge utilizes existing signage and other physical attributes at the various locations as codes. 

Your adventure begins near the Ann & Ashley Parking Structure, just a block from our brand-new Protected Bikeway!

Brought to you by the City of Ann Arbor Transportation Department.


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I was able to get the second one but I misspelled the first and third one and I didn't notice until I had already left! What should I do?

I’m having a hard time figuring out what the first and second codes are. I think I misspelled them

I love the idea of this badge but if you do something similar next year, it would be great to use the bike lane infrastructure. Liberty can be tricky on a bike, but Williams has a bike lane one block over.

I've been to the Ann Ashley bike house (I think) twice now and cannot find the code. Is there an email I can reach out too? I have had all other codes in this badge earned for awhile now. I just got back from going there and still can't figure out the first code.

The code should be waiting in your inbox! For other players perhaps looking for the same thing, I'll note that the code is two words of the phrase that is written on the door even when summer game is not in season—not one of our classic "THIS IS A CODE" signs that you may see at many businesses around town! Thanks for playing!!!!

Hello, entered the “supports— — “ code from the first clue to no avail. Thanks for your help!

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