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Alley Catcher

The Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (A2CAF) is one of the library's signature events to kick off the summer! Nab the AADL Welcome Table code to get your badge! While you're at it, you can peruse some fantastic art in the alley and find 53 more codes!

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I do have a question about table 24 Ryan Claytor
The code I thought was [EDITED BY STAFF], but it may have been misspelled. Need help with this please

May I request help? 🙏 I don't want to type spoilers, but I had the same problem with Table 24's code, plus Table 30 (not sure if error is my handwriting or the sign 😅). And I only figured out 3 of the 4 codes for tables 3 and 4, but I don't know which one went to which artists!

Requesting help for tables 24 and 42. My daughter can’t read her pencilled in codes clearly. She had thought the codes were [EDITED BY STAFF] and [EDITED BY STAFF], but they ďid not work. Thank you!

Hi! I cannot go to the a2caf so can someone help me get the badge please? I love summer game and I'm trying to get 50k this year to beat my last year 45k score! It's okay if not but thank you!

Hi! I have a few codes that aren't working from what I wrote down at A2CAF! Tables 11, 20, 24, and 42. Thanks!

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