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Furstenberg Frolic

This week we’re heading to Furstenberg Nature Area along the Huron River and across from Huron High School! Furstenberg Nature Area​​ is a 38-acre park and nature area on Fuller Road just west of Gallup Park. Most of the park’s border lies along the Huron River. The park contains wetlands, woodlands, prairie, and oak savanna. 


Paved and gravel paths. Wheelchair & stroller accessible over rough surfaces.

Mostly shaded under trees

Bring water, bug spray, or whatever else you require for a walk in the woods and near a river!


6 a.m. – Midnight

Walking distance:

If you drive there = about 0.8 miles

If you bus there = 1.8 miles


Address: 2626 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI 481​05 across from Huron High School 

Driving? ​​There is a parking lot at the main entrance to the nature area at 2626 Fuller​ Road. 

Biking? There are several bike racks around the building!

Busing? There are bus stops on the corner of Huron Parkway and Geddes Road, less than a ten-minute walk from the park. Visit ​TheRide for the closest stops and route details or check out the parks ride guide​.

BEGIN at the far right side of the parking lot where the building and large signs are located. 


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You are very welcome! It's one of my favorite spots in town :) I hope you explored the rest of the walk on the boardwalk, the loop through the woods and maybe even walked to the Gallup end - lots to explore! Thanks for playing!

The sign in this clue: "Clue: Continue on the path along the river to your left. You will see another sign that says “Welcome to Furstenberg Park” and a bench just beyond it. There’s a memorial plaque on the bench. The last name of the person listed is your next game code." was apparently knocked over, and as of today was leaning on a tree to the right of the bench with the code.

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