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Finding Eli

Where is Eli, the library director? This summer, he is EVERYWHERE!

Find Eli and enter the code on his tshirt for a whopping 1000 points and this badge!

Each Friday this page will be updated with upcoming AADL events where you are highly likely to find Eli this summer. You only need to find him once all summer to get this badge! (Yes, he has multiple copies of the shirt, but they all have the same code!)

If you're at the Downtown Library during business hours, you might catch him in his office on the 4th floor, but no guarantees!

Where to Find Eli in the next week or so: (This schedule is subject to change last minute!)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Library all summer long!

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I accidentally found Eli before I knew I was supposed to look for him! 😁 He's very nice, 12/10 experience, highly recommend this badge.

I went to the Cirque Kikasse's Santé event and could not find him. It was very crowded around the circus act. Where should I find him at Top of the Park.

Tomorrow (Sunday), look for Eli at the Sonia De Los Santos concert at 7, and at Cirque Kikasse at 8:15! He'll be wearing a black t-shirt with THE CODE YOU'RE SEEKING on the front and back of it! Take a look at the cartoon badge image; that's a PRETTY GOOD likeness of Eli (though in REAL LIFE he's not in 8-bit!!!)

Thanks for playing, and HAPPY SUMMER GAME!!!

I went to top of the park to find him yesterday but could not spot him :( I'm not able to go to the other events, can someone let me know what the code on his shirt was?

I met Eli at the A2CAF event today (he's very nice!) and made sure to write it down the code. That being said, I’m having trouble getting it and some other codes from the event to work :(

Sorry for the trouble, though it was nice to meet you! Please just fill out the form at and choose summer game, and tell us what codes aren't working, and we can help you get it figured out! Codes need to be exactly right so usually it's a typo or similar. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing!

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You'll need to find me to get the code! At the top of the page is a list of events you can find me at over the next week or so. Have fun!

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