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Above Board

Did you know that AADL is an independent government unit, serving the City of Ann Arbor and parts of 7 surrounding townships, governed by a Board of seven Trustees elected at large?


Come to the June 24th or July 22nd meetings of the AADL Board of Trustees to earn this badge. There is one code for making a public comment worth a whopping 1000 points, or you can just get the 100 point code on the inner door at either meeting to earn this badge.

Meetings start at 7 PM sharp. There is a public comment period at the beginning and the end of each meeting. It's easy to tell the Trustees what you think about the library, and you get 1000 points for doing so! Plus, you'll definitely find Eli at these meetings and you can get his 1000 point code too!

Hope to see you there!

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Alternatively, could the code be made visible for those who attend virtually, or view the meeting later?

I will have the game code for each meeting in my report to the board, so you'll be able to get the code and the badge by watching the stream or the recording of the meeting! Thanks for asking!

I also listened/watched the board meeting. It was a privilege to listen to such a positive meeting, well prepared board and hear all the good things going on! It was worth listening to, but I would like the code also.😏

Hi there!

The code can be found by watching the video of the Board Meeting! Hint: the code will be shown on the screen during the Director's Report!!

Thanks for watching and thanks for playing!! :)

Sorry, that code is only available to people who make a public comment in person at the board meeting. The good news is, there's another chance at the meeting on July 22nd! Thanks for playing!

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