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Badge Drop #1: The Start of Something ONEderful!

by ohheyitselle

It’s the first Friday badge drop of the Summer Game and….it’s… IT’S… ALIIIIIIVE!!!! 

*cue perfectly timed lightning*

We here at SG Headquarters have been working relentlessly in our SG Laboratory (maybe even during dark and stormy nights for a creature feature vibe... but also maybe not) so we hope you LOVE our little badge creations we’ve made for you, but before we get to that…


  • You may notice a MOSS-TERIOUS change to the way badges are presented to make them less, well, MOSS-TERIOUS! The clues in most badges are now unlocked so you can see ALL the clues to a badge upfront!! We really CAN’T HELP OURSHELVES in trying to make badge playing more convenient and we hope this change to badges helps!! That being said, some trickier badges may still have hidden clues, so be on the lookout!!!
  • Speaking of making badges more convenient, you may notice the new PLAY popout on the bottom right corner of your screen. This is a POWERHOUSE move on our part to make it faster to enter codes and get to various SG features; we created this lil buddy just for YOU to help you take your SG playing UP, UP, & AWAY!! 
  • Long-term SG players may be used to checking in on Fridays only, but don’t forget we have SCATTERLOG, our new DAILY puzzle game!! There may even be some badges coming later this summer marking how many DAYS you play, so make like an NYT puzzle addict and turn SCATTERLOG into a daily habit this summer!
  • A2CAF is THIS WEEKEND!!!! Come to the Downtown Library on June 15th and 16th from 11am-5pm to show your love of comics and get a whole lotta codes!!

Now that we’re all on the same page, we hope you’re FEELIN’ FAB as you begin your Summer Game 2024 journey!!!! We LOVE THE SUMMER GAME, and we wish the same for CHICKENS, DOGS, DRAGONS, and all creatures in between!!!

So now, without further ado……………..


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Scatterlog question: Should I be getting an error that says "CSRF token mismatch" no matter what combinations of tiles I enter? I have no idea what that error means! 😅 (Yesterday when I played it, it at least told me if I had a few correct out of 4 -- today I can't tell if I'm just making terrible guesses or if something is broken...)

Yes, I'd like to know how the hint works. I hit the button and all the squares lit up in the same color, then they all changed color, like they were all going through the rainbow. I tried clicking on one of the squares to see if something would be revealed, and it just went back to the regular game with one hint gone. And I am also getting them all wrong too. Yesterday, it would show me if three of them were in the same category, but not today.

I just tried again and clicked the "show hints" button on the top left. It told me to click on something for a hint to be revealed, so I clicked on a tile and it told me the hint had already been revealed, but I hadn't clicked on that one for a hint before. I also got the CF error.

Hi! I'm going to address both your comments here and hopefully it helps (and anyone else with the same issues!) but if you're still having trouble, feel free to do a Contact Us here and we can get you more direct help:

When you click the button at the bottom of the puzzle that says "Use Clues" all the tiles will light up in different colors. The moment you click on one of them a text box appears towards the top of the puzzle temporarily with the clue and then goes away after a few seconds. The clue is a phrase or a few words to give you a nudge in the right direction. If you click "Use Clue" and select a tile that is already a part of a clue you already have revealed, it won't show you the same clue again, you'll just know that you already got that clue! If you would like to see all the clues you have revealed, you can click the "Show Clues" box on the top left hand side of the puzzle and all the clues you have already revealed will be shown at the top of the puzzle.

If you have three in the right category but one wrong and enter it, they will light up with a "So Close" message before automatically de-selecting!

There is also the option to click the "Show Image Hints" on the top right hand side of the puzzle. If you are on a computer, this button enables the title's image to appear if you hover over the tile. If you are playing on mobile, you can tap and hold a tile for the image to appear, then tap anywhere to get it to leave. Sometimes a visual is helpful in figuring out what a title is about!

For a CSRF error, please try refreshing the page, disconnecting, and reconnecting your player account.

I think that's everything! As mentioned, you are more than welcome to do a Contact Us for any troubleshooting questions you may have and thank you SO much for playing!

Also love the new Play popout! Immediately went and showed my family once I discovered it.

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