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Vanderpump Values

This week in REALITY TV we’re straying from ‘warm and fuzzy’ content to the world of the emotionally immature! We’re heading to LA to dive into Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Just SLIGHTLY different VALUES.


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OPE! It's the *OTHER* Tom that had the affair! And it's a DIFFERENT word for not-so-great behavior that portmanteaus with it! Try Googling the first and last name of that OTHER Tom and the word affair--you should see the nickname for the drama that surrounded it in early results! And thanks for playing!!

It was a big brouhaha. A shocking one. The sort of thing that makes people gasp. And you’ve got the wrong Tom. It’s a portmanteau of those two things. A big embarrassing shocker + that guy’s name… 😉

Wow - I am very happy to say that I knew nothing about this show prior to the badge and apparently have missed out on.....nothing!

Y’all being so negative here seem to have missed the point of the summer game. I don’t know anything about fake tv wrestling and don’t really care to. But I love the SG puzzles so I did them! Fake drama between characters fighting in spandex is exactly what the stars of this show and Junkyard Dog et al. have in common, so stop acting above it. Practice gratitude for the work the library folks do, skip the badges that bore you, and be nice.

Yeah, but at least wrestlers put effort and physicality and storytelling into what they do. These reality TV stars merely skate by with looks and privilege and wealth, barely lifting fingers. I can respect the fakery and showmanship of wrestling even if I don't see its appeal. Let's not pretend reality TV has got any substance or that any old Joe Schmoe couldn't act in one.

Yeah I have to strongly disagree with the tone policing here. This show is completely vapid (having only learned of it from playing Summer Game). No one is being SO negative against summer game, just expressing the opinion that this show seems really really terrible and learning about it at the library seems stupid.

For #4, I keyed in the correct CODE once, but it remained unanswered. When I tried to key in the CODE again, it says the CODE is already redeemed. Please help!

Hi There! I took a peek at your scorecard, and it doesn't look like code #4 has been redeemed, so my BEST GUESS is that the correct code hasn't been entered. The name the internet gave the affair starts with an S and ends with an L. Give it another go, and if you're still getting an "already redeemed" message, fill out the form at and choose summer game, and we'll keep digging! Thanks for playing!!

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