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Chicken at the Observatory

Chicken FLEW THE COOP and decided to visit some of Ann Arbor's most notable spots... like the DETROIT OBSERVATORY!!! Maybe Chicken (and YOU) can find some codes too!!

To solve this badge, find the game codes hidden in each image. Chicken has gotten pretty close to the codes, so it would be wise to start looking somewhere near Chicken....You'll need to look very closely at these images to find the codes, but don't forget to check the hints if you're cluck--er, stuck!!! Click on the images for a larger version!

image of Chicken at the Observatory steps (code: STARCLUCK )

image of Chicken sitting on Observatory sign (code: EGGTRATERRESTRIAL )

image of Chicken on the Observatory's historical plaque (code: FLYMETOTHEMOON )

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Badge Series
Chicken Celebrates Ann Arbor

Badge Tags
All Ages
Look & Find


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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