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Once Upon a SCRAP

Ann Arbor is the perfect place to express the many facets of one's inner creativity. We are lucky to have SCRAP Creative Reuse Center to supply us with unique items at affordable prices to make our visions a reality. 

Creative Reuse (also known as upcycling or repurposing), is when the addition of creativity to an already manufactured item brings a new function. A CD jewel case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug.

Creative Reuses Centers, like SCRAP, collect discarded materials from the public that can be reused and given new life. Many centers resell these items to the public for a bargain or donate them to teachers, organizations or other groups for further reuse.

In order to earn this badge, you will have to travel to SCRAP Creative Reuse, located at 4567 Washtenaw Avenue. See the clue for more details!

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