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Diagmonds Are Forever

LocAAtion, locAAtion, locAAtion!!! In honor of Ann Arbor's bicentennial, this badge series focuses on some of the past and present landmarks that makes Ann Arbor...well, ANN ARBOR!! Summer Game artist Mario Zucca created a brilliant map of the city we all love but may not fully know...YET!

If you find yourself walking around here, be sure not to step on the BLOCK M!!!!

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People often only use 2 of the 3 words of the actual name of this thing. If you search local history for the full 3-word name, you'll find the code in the first few photos! Hint: the 2nd word is also a word in a national holiday at the end of May....

I loved seeing photos of the building from the fifth search. My husband proposed to me inside of the Carillon. :-)

I know the name of number 3 but there are pages of results. Found nothing in first 15 items. Can you narrow it down to photo, article, something?.

Hi there! If you are searching for the commonly used three-word name of the building, your code will be found in the first 10 search results! It's a photo from 1977.
I hope that helps and thanks for playing!

Hi there! It looks like you are missing the last code of this badge! The code you found was for a different badge. Try doing that last search again and make sure you find the code for the "Diagmonds Are Forever" badge!
Good luck and thanks for playing!

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Mapping Ann Arbor (Super Tricky)

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