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The women's basketball team is one of the most dominant teams the USA has ever fielded. Now let's bounce to the court and find out more about them! Note: All statistics for this badge are from before 2024, so if you are doing this badge post Olympics, don't take those games into account!

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a little trouble with the fourth code. Not sure if the roster has changed since the code was generated.

The four women on the 3x3 team is listed here…

And the final roster of the 5x5 team is listed here…

There aren't any overlaps between both teams... unless you go back to the trials 5x5 roster and in that case Rhyne Howard was listed for both, but that code didn't work.

Disregard my previous post.... I misread the question and then saw in the clue that we're comparing 2021 3x3 team to the 2024 5x5 team

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