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Rooting For You

You can only take so much of Cheaters, Best Funeral Ever, and Born in the Wild. When you want a break from the drama, relapses, bad decisions, and making fun of other people, it’s time for public broadcasting! Tune in to Finding Your Roots, now in its 10th season. [To earn this badge, do a general catalog search for the answer to each question. For example, for the question “Who is Kevin Bacon related to, as revealed on the show?”, you would do a general catalog search for his wife “Kyra Sedgwick.” Some questions will require an internet search.]

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I'm having trouble with finding number 4!

I searched [EDITED BY STAFF] and found one book that listed traditions but no link.

Hi there! Thanks for jumping in to help, but please try to refrain from giving out the answers in the comments! We'd hate to spoil it for other players!
Thanks for helping and thanks for playing!!! :)

I put in the correct name for number 1 (even google checked my answer) and it says invalid.. the others seem to be the same. Is this one having issues?

I have tried four different badges now but I still don't understand how they work. I'm running into a lot of trouble with them. can I please have some help?

Hi there! Badges can certainly be confusing since many of them ask for different things! This badge is tagged as a "Web Search" which means you'll have to search the internet to find some answers. After you find the answer, you'll often have to come back to our website and search for the answer you found in our catalog to find a code hidden inside one of the search results! Finding all the codes in a badge will earn you the badge!

I would recommend trying our Go! Badge which walks through how catalog badges like this work:

If you need additional help, please reach out to us here with any specific questions you may have and we can give you some more direct help:

Thanks so much for playing the Summer Game! :)

I’m having trouble finding the answer to number 5. After searching it on the web multiple times, it shows that the show was finding you roots, but it’s not a 2 word answer.
Can I have some help?

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