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Badge Drop #2: TWO Much Fun

by emjane

GEE WHIZ, the 2024 Summer Game has been GOING SWIMMINGLY with *GASP* more than 7500 players already playing!!!!

But we see the SIGN, and it’s time to STOP this preamble because IT’S LAWN SIGN AND LIBRARY STOP CODE TIME!

We aren’t taking you for a RIDE, this is not a drill, Lawn and Library codes are here EARLIER THAN EVER BEFORE to give FUTURE-you ample time to FROLIC down that RAINBOW ROAD and find those codes!


What they are:
Starting NOW, you can create your very own code to display either on a Lawn Code Sign OR on a Library Code Card. Lawn Code Signs are special lawn signs (which we provide) that you place next to your sidewalk, street, or parking lot. If you have one from last year, GREAT NEWS! They’re reusable! (We suggest using Goo Gone to remove any hard-to-clean codes from last year). If you don’t have one, GREAT NEWS! We have them ready to hand out at every library location!

Library Code Cards are special mini code signs (which we also provide) that get zip-tied to one of our five adorable Summer Game Stops. What is a Summer Game Stop, you ask? It's an SG sign on a perforated pole outside each branch - kind of like a bus stop sign, or a train stop sign, or just a stop sign, BUT FOR FINDING CODES!!!

How they work
1. FIRST pick up a Lawn Code Sign OR Library Code Card from any AADL location (OR reuse your lawn sign from last year) BEFORE you register your code online…
2. THEN create the code by going to, selecting the My Players quick link, and scrolling to “Player Details”. Click the link to "Create a Lawn or Library Code,” and follow the directions.
3. Write the code legibly in ALLCAPS on your sign/card.
4. Put it up in your lawn or on one of our Summer Game Stops! 
5. You have until August 11th to create a code to give players a chance to happen upon them before the game ends.
6. Use the Summer Game Map to get started with Summer Game Stop locations and Lawn Code pins to pick areas to EXPLORE for codes!
7. BIG NOTE: It’s not like Pokemon—even with map pins, you will still NOT BE ABLE TO CATCH ‘EM ALL!!!

But GUESS WHAT?!?! Lawn and Library Codes aren’t the only DYNAMITE that’s dropping today! It’s time for the start of Contributor Trophies!!!! Today, it’s LOG-edition! That’s right! Log that media content all summer long and EARN BADGES when you reach certain milestones! And remember to play the daily ScatterLOG and EARN BADGES for reaching milestones in that too! And this is just the start of the Contributor Trophy fun—more on that next week!

Plus we have usual Friday badge drop to OCCUPY your time!! 


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Thanks for playing!! NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Let’s LAWN, LIBRARY, and LOG!!!



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