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Proud Promenade

LocAAtion, locAAtion, locAAtion!!! In honor of Ann Arbor's bicentennial, this badge series focuses on some of the past and present landmarks that makes Ann Arbor...well, ANN ARBOR!! Summer Game artist Mario Zucca created a brilliant map of the city we all love but may not fully know...YET!

Take a stroll down memory lane and into Ann Arbor's past via our very own Main Street Promenade!

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I didn't know one of my favorite features of Ann Arbor had a name! I love the promenade!

Hi there! For the third code, it is one you manually type in! It won't be hidden within the search results with a clickable code like usual. BUT if you search "Promenade 1968" the search results will show photos from "_________ On the Promenade". That blank IS your code!!
Thanks for playing!

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Mapping Ann Arbor (Tricky)

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⭐️⭐️ Tricky 2 of out 4 difficulty

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