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Artsy Amble

This week we’re heading to the main campus of the University to locate art sculptures in a variety of outdoor locations! The badge will begin out front of the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA).



Paved sidewalk throughout. Wheelchair & stroller accessible.

Mix of full sun and some shady trees


No official hours for campus, but daytime is best.

Walking distance:

If you drive there = about 0.8 miles

If you bus there = 1.8 miles



Address: 525 S State St, Ann Arbor

Driving? ​​Metered street parking is nearby, and the paid city parking structure on Maynard is just a few blocks away. The museum has a map for parking options.

Biking? Plan to travel with your bike as you locate each sculpture.

Busing? Several routes travel down State Street: the 6, 24 and 62. Visit ​TheRide for the closest stops and route details or check out the parks ride guide​.


BEGIN at the LARGE, RED sculpture out front of the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). 


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Heads up! As of 6/30, there's a big fallen branch and caution tape blocking the way from Angry Neptune, Salacia, and Strider to Daedalus.

Hi, I'm glad to report that the walkway is no longer blocked by the tree.
But, I couldn't find the plaque for the 10th clue despite gently searching through the creeping myrtle. Was the sculpture Ammonia NH3?

Hello! Can you tell us a little more information or provide a photo so we can make sure the Museum staff knows? In the meantime I will send you the missing game code! Thanks for playing!

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