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UMMA: Birds of a Feather

Take flight around the University of Michigan Museum of Art as you search for five avian artworks from around the world.

The University of Michigan Museum of Art is located at 525 S State St.

This badge requires entering the museum. UMMA galleries are open Tuesday & Wednesday 11am-5pm; Thursday & Friday 10am-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 11am-8pm; Closed Mondays and July 4. UMMA is fully accessible and admission is always free – find visitor and parking information here.

Driving? Paid street parking surrounds UMMA. Free street parking is available after 6pm Monday–Saturday and all day Sunday. If you prefer, nearby paid parking can also be found at the Maynard St Parking Structure or Forest Avenue Parking Structure.
Busing? There are several AATA bus routes that drop off nearby. Find the right one for you!  

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Are the codes the titles of each painting. I know there aren’t any codes next to each painting

Hi there! The codes are not the titles of each painting. They should be posted next to each painting. We'll touch base with our contact at UMMA to make sure the codes are where they should be. In the meantime, feel free to contact us here if you need help further:
Thanks for playing! :)

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