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Badge Drop #3: Stars Shine for THREE

by ohheyitselle

We don’t need an OBSERVATORY to Ob-SERVE that GLITTER in your eye, dear player. The way your eyes GLAZ over when PROUDly talking about the points you’ve gathered. We see it in everyone: the OLD players and the NEWCOMERS, the young players that GLOW UP into full-fledged SG regulars, and even in those future players when they ask “WHAT’S THE BIG BANNER ON THE LIBRARY ALL ABOUT???” 

Yes, yes. That glitter is in all those eyes and when we see it, know that we are ROOTING FOR YOU, dear player.  Cheering you on as you take your Summer Game playing OUT OF THIS WORLD and beyond!!!! 

If we had to give you a formal REVIEW, we’d certainly give you FIVE STARS!!!! Because you & ME? Well, we’re BIRDS OF A FEATHER. And this thing we’re doing? It’s absolute FIRE and it’s FOREVER (unless you don’t want to anymore, we’ll miss you but that’s fine too. We won’t be weird about it.)

Anyways… we got kinda carried away there but this week you’ll put your REVIEWS and STAR GIVINGS to the test!! OH! And there’s MORE BADGES! 


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THANKS FOR PLAYING and for doing this thing we’re doing!!! 

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