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Ray of Art

Visit the whimsical art exhibit entitled State of Play at Matthaei Botanical Gardens celebrating local favorite artist, Nicole Ray, and illustrator of the Ann Arbor Adventures Books (including one about AADL). Make time to visit the gardens and do the 15 Years of Play, Gaffield Children’s Garden badge too. NOTE: The Conservatory and Gallery are CLOSED on Mondays, but the Gardens are OPEN so plan accordingly.

ALERT: This badge can only be earned by visiting the exhibit in PERSON. Nicole has the images of the art on her website, but the clues in the badge are based on the labels on the art that you can only find by VISITING THE GALLERY. The labels on her website do not apply to this badge.



Indoors and stroller and wheelchair accessible. More details


10 am–8:00 pm Tues–Sat (the Gardens are open on Mondays)

10 am–4:30 pm Sun 

Admission is Free, but parking is metered and not free

Walking distance:

About 0.15 miles


Address: 1800 N. Dixboro Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Driving? ​​Metered flat parking lots adjacent to the building

Biking? There are bike racks at Matthaei

Unfortunately, Matthaei is not on a bus route. 

BEGIN At the Gallery end farthest from the Conservatory and Gift Shop.  This entrance has a lobby area with some seating. If you park in the ‘back’ further from the Conservatory entrance the door is down the long covered sidewalk with the gorgeous mosaics along the wall. 


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There are 4 codes that don't work. The seventh, eighth, eleventh and thirteenth codes don't work. I have written down the exact titles of each art piece and the hints don't make any sense either.

I think I figured out why some of us got lost, because I did the same thing and then figured it out by accident. The artist statement in the first clue is posted in TWO locations, at either end of the hallway. The directions on this page do say which end of the hall to begin at, but I got confused because I found the "wrong" artist statement first. ^^;

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