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Badge Drop #4: Ready FOUR More??

by ohheyitselle

JULY ALREADY????? Boy, we’re ROCK N ROLLin our way through this Summer, aren’t we?? So many DAYS GONE already!! 

But don’t you worry your pretty little heads!! We here at SG Headquarters have been ROCKIN AROUND THE CLOCK to keep this YEAR OF PLAY going with our caps lock on and all new RAYAMARKABLE badges this week including those POINTS-O-HABIT and POM PLAYER Contributor Trophies!! These are the LAST Contributor Trophies dropping this Summer Game season so you are now fully equipped!! 

Also it’s important to note that the Summer Game Shop opens NEXT WEEK on July 12th!! Start PILING UP those POINTS!! And what better way to do that than with some BADGES!!


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Hello! When I click on the "Ray of Art" badge I'm getting a "this page isn't working" error message. Is this a me thing or a website thing?

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