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Future Of Area To Undergo Analysis

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A critical look at Ann Arbor's future will be taken Tuesday, Jan. 25, at an Ann Arbor Area Goals Conference scheduled at the University. The conference, which is being held through the cooperation of the University Extension Service, will feature a host of resource people, community leaders and faculty drawn from area institutions. It is one in a citizens' series on community growth. The general session will open at 8:45 a.m. in the Michigan Union Ballroom. Joseph T. A. Lee, architect, is chairman of the conference, which will open with remarks by William Gable, assistant director of the U-M Institute for Public Administration. Keynote speaker will be Grady Clay, editor of Landscape Architecture Magazine and real estate editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal. The address will be followod at 10:30 a.m. by three symposia on area problems. James Tryand, local attorney and Scio Township supervisor will preside at a symposium entitled "Relation of Ann Arbor to the Area." Participants will include Richard Ahern, Prof. Arthur Bromage, J. Louis York and City Councilman Douglas Crary. Moderators will include Richard Robinson, Mrs. William Dorranee Jr. of the League of Women Voters and Mrs. Robert H. Pealy, professor of political science. A symposium on "Education and Community Growth" will be headed by Carl Anderson. a vice-president of Eastern Michigan University, with speakers to be Hazen Schumacher of the Ann Arbor Board of Education: Councilman Robert Weeks, Jack Elzay, superintendent of schools, John McKevitt, U-M assistant to the vice-presidenti in charge of business and finance; and David Ponitz, president of Washtenaw Communityt College. Moderators will be Mrs. Brymer Williams, Albert J. Couoron, Thomas Parker and James Lundy. 'The Changing Character of Ann Arbor", the third symposium, will be chaired by Robert Forman. Speakers will be Cyril Paumier, parks and oper space; Richard Wave, zoning; Guy C. Larcom Jr., transportation; William Bott, business and industry; and Frcd Remley, housing. Moderators will include Edward Olecki, John D. Nystyen and Larry Oiumet. Speakers at each symposium will discuss possible and assumed goals, implications of these goals and means for accomplishing them. Following a luncheon, a panel discussion will open in the ballroom on "The Planning Process in Ann Arbor Area" with Gable acting as moderator. Panelists will include Raymond Martin, Carl Schmult and Eugene Kramer, planning directors for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and the county, respectively, and JohnTelfer, assistant to the U-M Architect for planning. At 3 p.m. speakers from the morning and afternoon sessions will meet with small round-table groups from the audience for continuing discussions. The evening session will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the ballroom under the chairmanship of Hugh Davis, president of the Citizens Association for Area Planning. Remarks will be made by Mayor Wendell Hulcher and a summary of the symposia andi discussion sessions will be presented at this time. Gable willl then speak on "Proposals for Future Action." Making up the steering committee are Robert M. Beckley, member of the Citizens Association of Area Planning; William J. Bott, executive secretary of the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce; Robert D. Carpenter, architect; Michael Church, Civic Art Commission chairman; Roger D. Clemence, architect; Hugh C. Davis; Arthur P. Gallagher, editor of The News; Mrs. Joseph Kummer, president of the local branch of the American Association of University Women; Joseph T. A. Lee, Robert B. Lytle, president of the Ann Arbor Art Association; Mrs. Elton McNeil, president of the Ann Arbor League of Women Voters; David S. Pollack, member of the city Planning Commission; Richard R. Wilkinson, member of the Citizens Association for Area Planning; and Quentin H. Gessner, associate supervisor of conferences of the Extension Service. In conjunction with the conference, the AAUW and LWV is sponsoring a display at Rackham Galleries Jan. 20-25 entitled "Planning in the Ann Arbor Area." Further information on the conference may be obtained from the University Extension Service, Conference Department, 412 Maynard St. Registration fee is $1.50 for the entire conference or any part thereof, and cost of the luncheon is $2.10. Sponsors of the conference are the Ann Arbor Art Association, Ann Arbor City Planning Comfmission, Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor Township Citizens Development Council, American Association of University Women, Chamber of Commerce, Citizens Association for Area Planning, City of Ann Arbor, Huron Valley chapter of the American Institute of Architects, League of Women Voters, Northside Planning Committee; University's College of Architecture and Design, School of Natural Resources, Institute for Public Administration and University Relations Department; and the Washtenaw County Metropolitan Planning Commission.


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