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Agreement Not Reached On Broadway Zoning Fix

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Residents in the Broadway area once again could not come to agreement on the request of David C. English to rezone 10.39 acres of land R1C (single-family ) to R4A (multiple) at this week's meeting of the Ann Arbor Planning Commission. The petition for the zoning change, which was deferred from the meeting of Aug. 8 because of residents' complaints that the proposed multiple housing development was of too high a density and would alter the charactêr of the neighborhood, this time included a new plan. The developers offered to lower the density of proposed units to be built on the site from 144 to 110. Legally, under the zoning ebde, the developers could build 200 units. Because residents in the area had not seen the new plan, action on the zoning change was deferred until developers and residents could get together in hopes of negotiating a settlement. KMS, Industries, Inc., petioned the commission to annex 85.60 acres of land on Plymouth Rd., and was given approval. Action on a request to zone the area (office) and RE (research) was deferred until the area plan could be presented. Approved was the H.C. Barrett petition to zone 16.03 acres of land on Plymouth Rd. to R4A (multiple) The Huron Valley National Bank interim site plan was reviewed and approved after the commission learned that a curb cut at the bank's branch site at Washtenaw and Huron Parkway had been closed. The approval is good for one year. I Also approved was the petition of Louis Courtiana lo annex .44 of an acre on Independence Blvd. A zoning fix of R1C (single family) was given the property. The petition of Anthony Gramatico to annex .49 of an acre on Ravenwood and Barber was approved and a zoning fix of RIB (single-family) was given the site. A petition submitted by Ann Arbor Federal to annex .22 of an acre on Dexter Rd. was approved and a zoning fix of RTC was given the property. Action on The Ann Arbor News petition to rezone .16 of an acre on Ann St. from office to parking was deferred for 30 days. Instead the commission, concerned over the lack of a setback for parking lots, approved a technical amendment to the zoning ordinance which would require a setback equal to the adjoining zoning district. In the case where the land abuts two zoning districts, the required setback will be equal to the larger requirement. Under the present rules, no required setback is necessary for a P district. Approved was the Kurkjian petition to fix zoning of R2A (two-family) and R1C (single family) for 14.23 acres of land on Nixon Rd. Deferred was a zoning fix for 194.9 acres on Geddes Rd. and Earhart Rd. for Concordia Lutheran College. Also deferred was the petition of the Courtelis Co. to zone 30.32 acres on Traver Rd. to R2A (two-family) and R4A (multiple). Action was deferred until the commission could see the results of the developmentl !ccmmittee study. A petition submitted by Morris S. Friedman to grant a classification of Parking District B for property on Forest Ave. was deferred until the commission could discurs withl City Council possible changesl in the Guide to Action plan. a possible change would no longer allow property in Parking Distirict B to be exempt from parking requirements. M-- . - 1 The same consideration led the commission to defer action on a petition submitted by Jack L. Shipman to rezone .13 of an acre on Church St. from R4C (multiple) to CIA (commercial). Under new business, the commission approved the Greenbrier Manor No. 3 site plan for 13.08 acres on Green Rd. The site plan allows for the construction of 156 units and 208 parking spaces. Also given approval was the Cady area and site plan for property on Nixon Rd. Consisting of 118 units to be built on 21.38 acres. The planners ap-J pro ved the project as a planned unit development after some concern had been expressed thatl seven out of the nine parking Iots were within the required front setbacks. The property is part of the Earhart development. A petition submitted by Marvin D. Scott to annex .18 of an acre on Crestland Dr. was approved by the planners and a zoning fix of R1C was given the property. Deferred was action on a petition submitted by K. B. McConnell to rezone .42 of an acre on Forest and Hill from R2B.