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Planning Unit Backs Annexation

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Ann Arbor Planning Commissioners discussed the advisability of recommending for approval a zoning petition, a rezoning petition, an area plan and a site plan at last night's regular commission meeting. After recommending approval of the Nancy H. Gould et al 12.6 acre annexation petition at Liberty St. and Winewood, several eommissioners hesitated to either deny or approve recommendation for zoning 12.29 of the acres R2A, two family dwelling district. Commissioners argued that the commission had previously recommended the area be zoned R1C, limiting housing to one-family dwellings, and that the density of people to land would be too great under the petitioners' zoning. Robert Rennell, attorney for Smokler Development Co., argued that the petitioners had met all the planning staff's regulations and recommendations. The petition was sent to City Council without the commission's recommendation. The commission similarly debated the Greenbelt Apartments' site plan of 2.11 acres on Huron St. Architect Donald MacMullen, representing the owner of the property, told the commission pat the site plan met all requirement for the zoning, multiple family district. The commission recommended approval. Adding to the already existing traffic problem on Broadway was a request to recommend approval of the Jack Nielsen et al rezoning petition of .31 acres of land from a parking district to a commercial and fringe commercial z o n i n g district. The commission recommended approval of the rezoning petition and the area plan of 4.49 acres at Broadway and Maiden Lane which showed plans to build a drug store and restaurant. Floyd A. Sergeant et al zoning petition changing 4.78 acres of terrace dwelling land at Huron Parkway and Platt Rd. to office area was deferred for action pending the petitioners' area plan. The commission was concerned a bout controlling the number of access curb cuts to the Parkway. After having deferred action on the zoning ordinance technical amendment which would place a time limitation on zoning and rezoning petitions at the May 14 meeting, the commission voted last night not to recommend approval of the amendment, Other business acted on last night included the recommendation for approval of Concordia Lutheran College zoning petition of 213 acres at Geddes and Earhart Roads for a one-family district. The commission recommended approval of Hannah Building Co. annexation petition of 1.75 acres of Traver Rd. and its zoning petition to fix 1.56 acres at R1C, one family dwelling district. The annexation petition of Donald J. Ticknor et al of 6.69 acres on Stone School Rd. and their petition to zone 6.17 acres R1C, one family dwelling, was recommended for approval. The Bendix Industrial Metrology site plan of 10 acres on State Rd., the Langford Subdivision tentatively preliminary plat of 12.53 acres on Huronview Blvd., the Thetford Engineering site plan of 2.97 acres on S. Industrial Highway, the Smokler Hutzel Subdivision number four tentative preliminary plat of 6.49 acres on Stone School Rd., the Dicken Parkway Subdivision number two replat of 2.5 acres on Maple Rd., and Parkway Plaza final plat of 3.71 acres on Huron Parkway were recommended for approval by the planning commission.