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Another Controversy Starts On Multiple-family Units

Another Controversy Starts On Multiple-family Units image
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Proposed develöpment of al 27 5-acre parcel on Huron River Dr at M-14 is sparking another miiltiple-family housing controversy. , . ! Although the City Planning Commission lacked a quorum last night and could take no action on the proposed develöpment, commissioners present did hear several residents voice obiections to the proposal. Slavik Realty is seeking an R4A multiple family zoning on the parcel, 23 acres of which have not been annexed to the city The firm hopes to construct 181 units on the land which overlooks the Huron River Valley, lying immediately south of the city's Bird Hills Park and the Girl Scout camp. Spearheading opposition to tne development last night was the city's Committee on Natural Resources. Douglas J. Fulton, chairman of the committee asked that "any approval of I zoning or annexation be held in labeyance until there is a complete survey made of sou staSbility, drainage and present eroHsion." , , He noted the "site is maixeu by steep slopes, ravines, and obvious soil instabüity, anü there is great potential danger to city as well as private property from improperly made drainage. This wül, of course, be íntensified by run-off from roofs land parking áreas if and when the parcel is developed. The Natural Resources- u mmittee suggested that the offices of the U. S. Soil Conservation Service be used to obtain a lull report on the soils and dramagFulton also asked that the wooded ravine on the property be deeded to the city and, ."placed under the trugt and control of the Parta Depart-j ment." Further, Fulton asked that the Parks Department i Lnrlsrape architect revie.v the proposed development to deter-lï mine how it wül affect adjacenffl recreational lands. I "The committee suggests thatj insufficient attention has been paid in the past to matters of drainage, flood control, erosión sedimentation abatement and the effect of building and 1 velopment upon these matters, and that it is time that theyj were given our f uil attention, i Fulton said. The Planning Departmentjil staff has recommended approval of the R4A zoning. ThreeJ other speakers appearing -lasü night, who said they represent-l ed more than 100 northwest area residents, opposed the de-( velopment. They said the plan I would have "an extreme detri mental effect in the area, and] it was urged that the land be zoned for single - famüy home development. A representative of Slavik Etealty told the commission .the Eirm "would be more than happy to work with the U. S Soñ Conservation Service " and stat-, ed that borings made by the firm indícate the land is stable He also said the firm would be wming to dedícate the slope a The north end of the property te the city. "We've come in with what we ;hink is a good proposal, vftÜi .al iensity of less than sever i units per acre," the representare SaAction on the proposal was deferred to the Maren 11 meeting1 of the Planning Commission. Final approval of zoning , for the land must be given by the City C.ouneil. „-m